About Us

Phillip Private Equity, previously known as ECICS Management Pte Ltd* is one of the leading private equity firms in Singapore. We provide capital in the form of equity and debt, to innovative enterprises across select stages, sectors and geographies. We work closely with our investee companies to accelerate their growth and help them achieve their potential. Our goal is to create businesses with lasting and significant value.

We actively make direct investments in unlisted companies both big and small and maintain a diversified portfolio of businesses in life sciences, technology, electronics & semiconductor, manufacturing, natural resources, marine services and alternative energy.

Phillip Private Equity’s team of fund managers has over 20 years of experience managing proprietary, in-house and 3rd party funds. Our investment objective is to deliver investment returns while safeguarding stakeholders’ interest by protecting against downside risks.

Phillip Private Equity is a member company of PhillipCapital (the “Group”) and we leverage upon the Group’s extensive financial and investment network for proprietary access to its resources and expertise. The Group has offices located in the financial hubs of 16 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, UAE, United Kingdom, France, Turkey, Australia and USA, the Group’s assets under management totals to more than USD 30 Billion with shareholders' funds in excess of USD 1 Billion.

**ECICS Management Pte Ltd (“EMPL”) was established in 1993 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Export Credit Insurance Corporation of Singapore (renamed as ECICS Holdings). ECICS Holdings was in turn 88% owned by Temasek Holdings. Following the acquisition of EMPL in 2003 by the PhillipCapital Group, EMPL was renamed as Phillip Private Equity Pte Ltd in 2006.